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Delightful wines from Solis Winery

Saturday, March 17th, 2007

My blog posting about PayPal integration got a response from Katherine Filice of Articulate Solutions, an award winning marketing communications firm in southern Santa Clara County. She needed help integrating a php shopping cart with PayPal for the Solis Winery, a family operation that was new to me.

It was a fun little project, the more so for having great clients who generously appreciated my efforts. I’ve tasted two of the wines they sent to me: the 2002 Sangiovese was a very fine bottle ( fragrant and fruity and very clean), and the 2002 Syrah which was outstanding. Both were delightful with meals. Alas, the Syrah is sold out, but I still have a Cabernet and Merlot to taste — I can hardly wait.

And you can buy them online!