To quote Casey Stengel: “Amazing!”

The election of Barack Obama tonight is so amazing to me, that it seems almost biblical: arriving in the promised land after forty years wandering in the desert.  I reflected on 1968 tonight, both in the historical and personal perspectives.  I remembered the assassinations of Robert F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jr.; the Viet Nam war body counts on the nightly news, John Carlos and Tommy Smith raising their fists at the Olympics, the riots throughout the world. I remembered going to the movies in a small Texas town, where the “Colored” sign was still displayed above the water fountain.  But I also remember the Apollo program and the hope and optimism of youth.

Tonight, forty years later, I hope America is a different place.   May God bless and keep safe our President-elect.

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  1. Rita Bradley says:

    Hi Bill,

    This is truly a historic event and is bringing hope to many people especially those of African American descent.

    I pray that Obama will be given much wisdom to guide this great country.

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