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Time for the next opportunity

Friday, October 12th, 2012

During four and a half years at AREVA Solar and its predecessor, the VC-backed startup Ausra, I was able to transform a technical vision into operational power plants. I developed and led an outstanding team that consistently delivered on cost, schedule and performance metrics for solar power projects in operation in California and under construction in Australia and India. Now that the technology has been fully absorbed by the AREVA project organization, I am ready for a new opportunity in line with my vision of the energy market, where I can fulfill my personal ambitions to lead and execute the commercialization of innovative products.

I am leaving behind a capable Engineering team with a commitment to the CLFR technology which we demonstrated at the Kimberlina Solar Power Station with SSG4. I will miss my talented colleagues, and will follow their success with great interest.

SSG4 at Kimberlina Solar Power Station demonstrated CLFR Direct Steam Generation. It was the first ASME Section I Solar Steam Generator, and was completed on-time, on project budget, and beat its Levelized Cost of Energy Target because of its exceptional Thermal Performance and spot-on Bill of Materials cost.